Fiery Jaxx sprays are  % safe. And when used correctly. It is not recommended to Apply too much..
as it will cause painful inflammation. Please spend sometime to navigate through the website pages. Remember stronger is not better. But you can feel extreme heat. It is not dangerous to eat. It will feel like you’ve had the strongest pepper in the world. all our products are 100% natural ingredients and does exactly as it states on the tin.

Who are Fiery JAXX?

Fiery Jaxx was founded by a Canadian scientist & was granted the use of sale in 3 different heat levels capsaicin in marketing & authorisation in under the uk & Ireland (1999) & (2003) treatment of osteoarthritis then in 2017 our product gained a lot of attention from countries gained a bigger following world wide worldwide. He has 15 years of specific knowledge within the field of biology with scientific studies of life & living with a degenerative medical condition. Fiery Jaxx works within the musculoskeletal body & conducts fundamental research to explore the underlying mechanisms that govern the functioning of life & living with painful arthritic condition. He developed ways to improve more specific process and understanding in the field of medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

Capsaicin has been used for centuries for many medicinal purposes.

In 2013 Fiery Jaxx capsaicin was finally acknowledged as a clinically proven natural product. It’s main use is to block pain signals from the spinal cord & brain function called TRPV1 central nervous system block & when capsaicin effects the sensory function of the retrograde signal.(NGF)(nerve growth factorcell) Bodies of sensory nerves.

The neural protein with substance P(peptide) proves with constant use of Fiery Jaxx gains a natural hydrophobic affect combined with 0.25mg & 0.75 micrograms of capsaicin.

When capsaicin is absorbed into the skin it creates a neurological vanilloid block by causing neurogenic inflammation directly on the nerve endings, in time blocks pain signals transmitting to the brain. Although inflammation is the body’s way of healing itself, in the case of chronic diseases like arthritis, chronic back pain, damaged nerves and autoimmune diseases & out-of-control inflammation is managed at one eight hours heat treatment from level three fiery Jaxx capsaicin cream.

What is capsaicin and is it safe?

Capsaicin is an active component of chili peppers which, when used in an ointment form on the skin, it helps relieve pain. Capsaicin works by first stimulating and then decreasing the intensity of pain signals in the body. Although pain may at first increase, it usually decreases after the first use.

Capsaicin can use up Substance P. Substance P plays an important role in transmitting pain signals from nerve endings to your brain. It’s also involved in activating inflammatory substances in joints.

There are no major safety concerns in applying capsaicin. You may feel a burning sensation when it touches your skin. This is because capsaicin also binds to specific receptors in nerve endings called VR1, producing a burning sensation which isn’t caused by any tissue damage.

What makes Fiery Jaxx different?

Many capsaicin based ‘deep heat’ creams and oils are limited to a heat range of 0.025% or 0.075% mg, whereas we offer products (scroll down for further info) at 0.245% mg and including the strongest hydrophobic rubbing oil ointment named 16 Million heat units. We also stock a variety of different substances including oil, cream, wax and gel. Each provides a unique feeling and response which will cater to specific needs.